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There are several great air purifiers that are not included in the review by brand category. Please click on the names below to read the complete review of these air purifiers.

Air Oasis Air Purifier

An Air Oasis air purifier uses UV light to clean the air in a room. This type of air purifier does not use a filter. This is a big advantage of these types of machines. You never need to buy another replacement filter.

Aireox Air Purifier

Aireox air purifiers have been around since the 1970s. This company was one of the first to recognize the dangers of chemicals in the air we breathe. They make air purifiers specifically for people who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

Aprilaire 5000

The Aprilaire 5000 has been rated the best whole house air purifier 3 years in a row. What is it? How good of a job does it do?

Friedrich C90a Air Purifier

The Friedrich c 90a air purifier was discontinued several years ago. It has been replaced with the updated c 90b. The original is included here for comparative purposes. You may find this model either used or remanufactured.

Friedrich C90b Air Purifier

The Friedrich c90b air purifier is the replacement to the popular c 90a. Friedrich has improved this air purifier is several ways. If you liked the c 90a, then you will like this one too. This offers all the same benefits as the older model.

Ionic Pro Air Purifiers

Every time we watch TV or listen to the radio, we hear about Ionic Pro air purifiers. Listen the the advertising hype and it sounds good. We need an air purifier, too. Let's buy one of these!

Living Air Ionizer

Living Air ionizers, Living Air air purifiers, Ecoquest air purifiers, Better Living air purifiers, Alpine air purifiers. What do all of these have in common?

Whispure Air Purifiers

Whispure air purifiers made by Whirlpool. They make great appliances for our house. It's a name we all trust. Many of you probably have a Whirlpool somewhere in your house.

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