Blueair 303 Air Purifier

The Blueair 303 is a great air purifier for a small room. It will work great in a small bedroom or office. It is very similar to the 203 but it will clean a bigger room. It cleans a room up to 225 square feet. Like all Blueair air purifiers it is made from all steel.


Blueair Air Purifier 303 Blueair 303

  • HEPAsilent filter
  • Optional activated carbon filter
  • All steel construction
  • Mechanical controls
  • Quiet operation

Type of Filter

This purifier combines two different filtering technologies. It uses a media filter and an ionizer. The media filter is made from polypropylene. This material resist mold mildew better than spun glass. You don't have to worry about your air purifier growing stuff inside.

A HEPA filter is capable of removing particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

The media filter has larger holes than a HEPA filter. Yet it still removes 99.97% of particles 0.1 micron and larger. It can do this because of the ionizer. The particles in the air charged before they pass through the filter.

The things in the air like dust, dander, and other allergens stick to the filter fibers like a magnet.

The fact that the filter has larger holes in it is why this machine is so quiet. They make it easier for the fan to move the air. The fan can move a lot of air without working hard. This means it will be quieter than other purifiers.

There is an optional activated carbon, or smokestop, filter. It will remove some of the gases, chemicals, and odors from the air.

If you really need to remove odors or chemicals, you need a different air purifier. Try one of these:
Austin Air,   IQAir,   or AllerAir air purifiers.

Maintenance Cost

The Blueair 303 needs to have the filter changed every 6 months. This is for two reasons. First, obviously, is it is designed to last 6 months. Second, the warranty requires you to change the filter every 6 months.

  • It's $50 for the regular filter.
  • It's $80 for the Smokestop filter.

The yearly upkeep cost could be as much as $160.

Technical Details

The effective cleaning area is 225 square feet. This is a room about 15 by 15 feet. It will work better in a smaller room. So a bedroom or a small den is the perfect size.

It is certified by AHAM with a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of:

  • Smoke 135
  • Dust 135
  • Pollen 135

It will provide 5 air exchanges per hour.

It has 3 different speeds. The lowest speed is recommended for nighttime. It is quiet. The higher speeds will move a lot more air to clean the room in a hurry.

The 303 measures 17 inches X 10 inches X 21 inches (L X W X H).

It comes with a 5 year limited warranty on material and workmanship. If the filter is not changed every 6 months, the warranty is not good. Be sure to save your receipts to prove you have changed the filter.

Blueair has a subscription service. You can get the replacement filters shipped to you automatically. This means you don't have to remember when to change the filter.

Our Recommendations

We like this air purifier. It is simple to use, quiet on low speed, and does a great job. Using this purifier will really reduce the amount of allergens in your house.

Allergy sufferers will find this does a great job. It would be perfect for a small apartment or a dorm room.

We think this will work well for anyone. It produces no ozone, so it is safe for everyone to use.

The maintenance cost is a little on the high side. To keep the warranty you have to replace the filters twice a year for up to $160.

We think this is a very good air purifier for allergy or asthma suffers.

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