Blueair 603 Air Purifier

The Blueair 603 is a good air purifier for any room. Honestly, unless you have a castle, this air purifier will work well in any room. It cleans rooms up to 640 square feet. That is a REALLY big room!


Blueair Air Purifier 603 Blueair 603

  • HEPAsilent filter
  • Optional activated carbon filter
  • All steel construction
  • Mechanical controls
  • Quiet operation

Type of Filter

The 603 uses an ionizer and a media filter. The ionizer gives each particle a charge. When they pass through the filter, they stick to the media. This system can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles 0.1 microns and bigger from the air. This will remove dust, dust mites, pollens, and other allergens. This is not as noisy as other purifiers because the fan and motor work less.

The activated carbon, or smokestop, filter is optional. It will remove some of the chemicals and odors from the air.

To effectively remove odors or chemicals see Austin Air, IQAir, or AllerAir air purifiers.

Maintenance Cost

The Blueair 603 has an expected filter life of 6 months. The mechanical filter must be replaced.

  • It's $80 for the regular filter.
  • It's $150 for the smokestop filter.

The yearly cost is either $160 or $300. We think that $300 is a a lot of cash to fork over each year for new filters. We don't recommend the smokestop flters. We know they will help remove some odors. But this is too much money to pay for that. If you really need to remove chemicals or smoke, we think you will be better off with a different air purifier.

Technical Details

This will clean as area 20 feet by 32 feet, that's 640 square feet. Like all Blueairs, it can exchange the air 5 times. In a room a little smaller you can get better results. It will work well any room in your house.

It is certified by AHAM with a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of:

  • Smoke: 415
  • Dust: 415
  • Pollen: 415

These CADR numbers are fanatastic. This purifier will really clean the air in a room. We would recommend a maximum room size of 400 square feet. This would give you outstanding filtration.

It has a 4 speed fan. The lowest speed is pretty quiet. The higher the speed the noisier it will be.

The 603 measures 20 inches X 13 inches X 26 inches (L X W X H). It weighs about 35 pounds.

It has a 5 year limited warranty. As a condition of the warranty the filter must be replaced every 6 months. To help, Blueair has a filter subscription service. They will automatically ship a new filter to you every 6 months.

Our Recommendations

The 603 cleans a large area. It will work well in almost any room in your house. This will do a great job just like all the other Blueair air purifiers. It runs quietly and is very efficient. It should work to clean any room in your house. We like this air purifier.

The optional smokestop filter is good. We think you should not use this filter though. In our opinion, it is too expensive. We would suggest a different machine if you want to remove odors and chemicals. We could not justify paying $300 a month to replace the filter.

These are really good purifiers. We think they work very well and we do recommend them based on that. However, we do think that these have a very high upkeep cost. We don't like that. The only reason that we would not recommend these is because of the cost of replacement filters. With a regular filter, the cost is not as bad. Only about $160 a year.

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