David Oreck

David Oreck was born in Minnesota. He joined the air force when he was 17. He was a radar officer and a navigator for bombers. He flew bombing missions over Japan during World War II.

David Oreck The big man, himself.

After the war was over, he went to New York City. He worked as a salesman. He sold everything from microwaves to TVs. He was promoted and rose rapidly through the company hierarchy. He eventually became a general sales manager.

In 1963 he formed the Oreck Corporation. His first product was a lightweight, upright vacuum cleaner. David obtained the rights from Whirlpool for the vacuum cleaner. He redesigned it and sold it throughout the US.

His big break came when he was able to buy the floundering RCA distributorship in New Orleans. It was not doing well. Two years later, it was ranked first.

David took his enthusiasm for sales and put it into his company. It has grown by leaps and bounds with David there every step of the way. Many people would have retired by now and lived happily ever after.

Biplane Now this is a hobby!

Not Mr. Oreck. Today, at 86, he is still very much involved in his company. He likes to work hard and to play hard.

He is not even considering retirement. He says "you might as well be productive."

He drives drives his motorcycle to work each day. He jogs a few miles a day for exercise.

He flies his biplanes out of a New Orleans Airport. He is still going strong and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

He brought the world lightweight vacuums. His company produces many different kinds of cleaning equipment from air purifiers to steam cleaners.

What is he working on now. Who knows? But I'm sure he will try to revolutionize something else soon. We will just have to wait and see what it is.

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