Use a Dust Mite Pillow Cover to Prevent Dust Mite Allergies

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from allergies. Many people will have no idea precisely what they are allergic to, they just know that they encounter the same signs and symptoms of the standard allergy sufferer.

Dust Mite Pillow You go to sleep with these guys everynight.

There are numerous places to go looking when searching for what you could be allergic to, however, what you might not realise is that an incredible number of people are allergic to dust mites. Well what are dust mites? They are incredibly small creatures that all all over your house. They produce allergens that many people are allergic to.

The protein compounds in the feces of dust mites produce antibodies in humans, who will have an allergic reaction when they are inhaled or make contact with the skin. These antibodies cause the discharge of histamines, which can result in nasal congestion, swelling and irritation in the upper respiratory passages. These dust mites are almost everywhere you go and it is hard to find out how to kill dust mites.

Dust mites are tiny. Unlike bedbugs that you can see with the unaided eye, you are going to require a microscope to see a dust mite. As a matter of fact, it is more than likely you have hundreds of dust mites residing in your hair.

Where else are these creatures found? You may be wondering.

What was it that dust mite likes to eat? The main food source for the dust mite can be found in your curtains, carpet, and above all, your bed and pillow. This matter is known as dander and is made up of dead skin and hair cells from humans and animals. Your pillow and mattress are one of the favorite spots for dust mites to reside in. This is why you need to use a dust mite bed cover and a dust mite pillow case.

These areas are the perfect environment. It is warm, humid, and there are plenty of dead skin cells. It is estimated that your mattress could be hiding more than ten million of these horrible creatures. And how is this for daunting; the feces of the dust mites, along with thousands of dead mites is estimated to make up about 10% of the weight of your pillow.

Our pillows are infested with millions of dust mites that we cozy up to each night. So what is the solution to this horrible and unwanted invasion? You may be able to kill them by covering your pillow with plastic and putting it in the freezer, however a less drastic and much simpler and more hygienic method would be to purchase some dust mite pillow covers. The most effective dust mite pillows are made of wool and natural latex.

The worst pillows for attracting mould and dust mites are feather pillows. But no matter what type of pillows you have, if you don't already have dust mite pillow covers, odds are your scalp, face and body will be infested with millions of scavenging dust mites every time you hit the hay. You are more than likely sharing your bed each night with millions of uninvited guests, and displaying symptoms that may seem out of the ordinary for a seemingly clean bed and a relatively healthy individual. Some common symptoms of dust mite allergy include:

  • itching, irritated skin - little bumps and rashes - sometimes thought to be dust mite "bites"
  • itchy, congested nasal cavities
  • sneezing
  • puffy, inflamed eyelids
  • aggravated, watering, red eyes
  • wheezing
  • tightness of the chest
  • dry painful cough
  • tiredness
  • mental fatigue
  • dizziness
  • head or sinus aches

If you are showing any symptoms such as those described above, odds are you have a dust mite infestation. Dust mite pillow covers are part of an asthma and allergy sufferer's dust mite prevention plan for a peaceful, refreshing and sound night's sleep. These encasings can be purchased in a range of sizes as well as fabric choices, and are known to be of the finest quality for protecting against dust mites, their eggs and their feces. Every pillow in your home poses an allergen threat. For maximum protection, against dust mite bites and allergens, encase every pillow in your home.

Dust Mite Pillow You go to sleep with these guys everynight.

Grab a dust mite pillow cover in order to protect yourself from dust mites while you are sleeping. This is a great first step on the road of learning how to get rid of dust mites.

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