How to Kill Dust Mites

If you or someone in your family has a dust mite allergy. You need to find out what are dust mites and how to kill dust mites. This is your first step to treating a dust mite allergy. Just killing them is not enough. You also need a Dust Mite Prevention Plan.

How to Kill Dust Mites Shouldn't you protect her
from dust mites?

We know that dust mites live in mattresses, carpets, furniture, bedding, and pillows. We have to treat each of these in order to kill the dust mites.

Dust mites reproduce very quickly. In order for this to be effective, you need to try to cover your whole house as quickly as possible. Preferably in one day.

There are many sprays you can buy that will kill dust mites. Some of these are very effective and some are not. We have not ever used sprays to kill dust mites. We don't like covering an area with chemicals that could possibly hurt us. We fight dust mite bites the all natural way.

Dust mites find high temperatures and cold temperatures lethal. Low humidity is also lethal to them. Dust mites will also find sunlight to be lethal.

Using these you can kill all the dust mites in your house.

  1. All your bedding, sheets, blankets, and pillows should be washed and dried. A dryer run on high temperature will kill all the dust mites.

  2. Once they are washed use a dust mite bed cover and a dust mite pillow cover to keep them from getting back in.
  3. Don't stop there. Be sure to wash all the curtains, drapes, tablecloths, etc. Wash everything in your house that you can. Don't forget to washed the stored sheets and linens, too.

  4. Upholstered furniture is hard to treat. You can steam clean it with hot water. You could also take it outside and let it sit in the sun for a few hours.

  5. Don't forget your kid's toys. Stuffed animals make an excellent breeding ground for dust mites. You can wash and dry the toys to kill the dust mites. You could also freeze the toys for a day. That will kill the dust mites in the stuffed animal.

Follow these steps to learn how to get rid of dust mites. This will help you keep your house dust mite free.

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